Meet the Founder

John Ramey is the creator and founder of the Legacy Guide Book Center, Phostorian and Your Story Remembered. He is a longtime avid history buff and antique family photo collector. One of his passions is to find antique photos that have identifying information written on the back such as names and dates. He then hunts for the descendants of family members from those photos in an attempt to return those treasures to them if they are found.

During the creation of Your Story Remembered, John realized that the stories were not the only memories at risk of being lost. He realized that the photos, videos and legacies of one’s life were at risk as well.

John has partnered with some of the finest advisors, agents and legal professionals in South Texas to create The Legacy Guide Book Center. His mission is to provide an outlet for every family that allows them to preserve their history and heritage by organizing three fundamental areas: important paperwork and finances, photos and home videos, and their life stories. His mission has been realized with The Legacy Guide Book, Phostorian and Your Story Remembered.

John opened his first business at the early age of 20 and has never looked back. He has created and led huge sales forces to build three separate national wholesale businesses, each in a different industry. John has a four-year old son named Dean who is the apple of his eye.

The Legacy Guide Book Center
11919 Jones Maltsberger
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