Organizing Your Legacy is Easy -- Start These Three Steps Today

When we spoke with the top advisors, attorneys, and insurance specialists in Texas, we discovered that common errors happened frequently. For example, take this statement from a top advisor:

“I frequently meet with clients to discuss their estate planning, will, trusts, retirement accounts and investment plans, only to find out their important documents are outdated, unorganized, in disarray, or even worse, missing.”
Common examples include:
• Missing stock certificates inherited from a family member
• Missing copy of old life insurance policies
• 401k statements are more than a year old
• Outdated wills

Does this sound like you? You are not alone!

Too often, in spite of good intentions, many of us don’t do a good job of keeping important documents related to our retirement, insurance, finances, investments, and yes, even our will, well organized and in once place. More importantly, our loved ones have no idea where to find these important documents when they will need them most...when we’re not around.

This is why the Legacy Guide Book was created.

The Legacy Guide Book is a financial document organizer designed for you to arrange and keep important documents in a single, clearly-identifiable storage binder, complete with labeled tabs to separate banking statements, insurance policies, investment accounts and more. The Legacy Guide Book helps you get organized now, ensuring your important documents are stored in one place, and easily accessible to both you and your loved ones.

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“Time flies over us, but leaves its shadow behind.”

- Nathaniel Hawthorne

About the Legacy Guide Book

This handy three ring binder is designed to help you organize all records into one convenient location. Documents include:

• Financial and investment statements
• Non-financial documents such as HIPPA releases, medical directives
  and wills
• Real estate, rental properties and land holdings
• Collections, fine art, family heirlooms and other valuable property
• Important contact information for each account and policy
• Household expenses
• Insurance policies and more

Imagine being able easily review and update your records at any time or document the cost basis for investments to ensure accurate tax rates and much more!

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